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Standard parts don't always work for your customers; our CNC machined modifications will meet your customer's specifications consistently and accurately.

Our CNC capabilities include:

  • Facing and turning of heads

  • Shorten and chamfer for  

      special length

  • Point styles

  • Drilling - Cross holes in head, body, or down center of bolts

  • Counter boring of heads

  • Tapped holes

  • Slotting for special hex nuts

  • Grooving for break away bolts

  • Solid rivets

  • Special facing and bearing      surfaces

  • Undercutting heads

  • Adding washer face to make full thread hex head cap screws

  • Machining regular neck      carriage bolts to short neck carriage bolts

If S&S isn't able to complete your project, we recommend contacting Mike Henry at MKH Sales and Associates.

He may be able to connect you with a shop that better fits your needs.

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